For Our Community and Beyond

21 Days of Prayer

October 1st - Canadian Valley Christian Academy and The Sonshine School Mother's Day Out 

October 2nd Our Sunday Morning and Wednesday Night Teachers 

October 3rd – Our Elders 

October 4th  Our Deacons 

October 5th Our Ministers 

October 6th Our Church Staff and Volunteers 

October 7th Strong Marriages and Families 

October 8th Our Food and Clothing Ministries 

October 9th Our Meal Ministry and Toy Share Ministry 

October 10th - Our Ladies' and Men's Ministries 

October 11th - Our Fellowship Ministry and Our "Funtimers" 

October 12th - The Prison Ministry 

October 13th - Our Youth and College Students 

October 14th - Children's Homes 

October 15th - Our North American Missions 

October 16th - Our Missionaries Around the World 

October 17th - That we may exhibit the Fruits of the Spirit 

October 18th - That we put God first in our lives 

October 19th - That we have a Unity of Believers 

October 20th - That we are God's Light in Yukon 

October 21st - That our children grow up knowing God  

October 1st - The rebuilding in all natural disaster areas

October 2nd - Yukon Public Schools: all Children in Elementary, Middle School and High School

October 3rd  Public School Teachers

October 4th Yukon School Board

October 5th  Yukon City Council

October 6th Those who are struggling financially

October 7th Those who are struggling with addiction

October 8th  Community Workers throughout Yukon

October 9th Foster Parents

October 10th - Our Local Elected Officials

October 11th - The Federal Government

October 12th - Governments throughout the World

October 13th - The President of the United States

October 14th - Peaceful Solutions

October 15th - Fellow Christians in dangerous situations

October 16th - A trustworthy Media

October 17th - The Manna Pantry and other Service Groups around Yukon

October 18th -  First Responders

October 19th - Families who need to come to know God

October 20th - Our Military

October 21st - Local Business Owners

For South Yukon