Follow these steps:


Step 1: Open in your browser or on your smart phone.


Step 2: Click Register or Sign Up to start

Detailed Instructions for Setting up a Personal Account

Step 3: Fill in the form using the following information:

  • First Name: Name provided in welcome email

  • Last Name: Name provided in welcome email

  • Login Email: Email address to which your welcome email was sent.

  • Create your own password. Your choice

Step 4: You will see the following screen letting you know to check your email to confirm your account. (Bank level web security requires these extra steps.)

Step 5: Log into your email and look for an email from "fellowshipone" with the subject line "Welcome to Church of Christ South Yukon." Open the email and click activation link.


Step 6: You will be returned to a sign in page and should notice a success banner at the top

Step 7: Login for the first time! Yay!  I have a couple of quick task I need you to take care of.


Task 1: Click on Update Profile and verify your information.

Verify your personal information. If you need to change anything and to add/change your personal picture, click on the link "Update Your Profile" on the right side. Remember to scroll to the bottom and click "Save Changes."

Task 2: Adjust your Privacy Settings and Opted into the on line Directory.  Click "Privacy Settings" on the right. 

1. You may slide the markers to adjust what different people can see. "Everyone" means active members at South Yukon.  


2. Please check the box to "Include me in the church directory."

If you need further assistance, I'm right here for you. Give me a call or email me.  I'll be glad to help.


Have a great day and let's stay connected,


Susan Meyers