Instructions for closing PayPal Account

If you are looking to close your personal Pushpay account, please contact the Pushpay Support Team directly. Please make sure to include your name, email address, the phone number associated with your account and a description of how the support team can help.

Closing your Pushpay account will not stop or modify any payments that have been successfully submitted on your account. Canceling your account will cancel any recurring payment schedules that were active on the account at the time of closing.

If you need a refund on a payment, contact the desired organization directly or contact our Support Team for assistance.

To cancel reoccurring payments:

  1. Login to your Pushpay account.

  2. On the right hand side of your screen, you will see a "Scheduled Gifts" section. Click the name of the church next to the gift you wish to edit.

  3. Click Cancel in the upper, right hand corner of the screen.

  4. Click the Yes button in the confirmation modal.

  5. When the recurring schedule is deleted, you'll see the message: "Success - You have successfully cancelled this recurring gift. No future gifts will occur."